Child in Protective Services after Wandering into Church

By Stan Friedman

GREELEY, CO (March 17, 2014) — Police were called to the cinema where Crossroads Covenant Church meets after an unaccompanied three-year-old boy walked into the building Sunday morning. His parents could not be found.

The worship team had been rehearsing for the service when the sound technician found the boy trying to get into the cinema. His finger had been pinched in the front door, Pastor Reid Olson said this afternoon. The technician carried the boy around both inside and outside the cinema to look for the child’s parents.

He then brought the boy back to Olson and the cinema’s manager who were talking in the lobby. The boy was clean and well dressed and in a clean diaper, Olson said.

“He didn’t say anything,” Olson said. “He wasn’t crying and looked happy. He held onto the manager,” who fed the boy some popcorn.

After 15 minutes of looking for the parents, police were called. They brought the boy to Child Protective Services.

This morning, the parents arrived at the police station saying they had lost their child. No arrests were made, and authorities are investigating, Olson said.

One officer told Olson that sometimes children wander away from home while their parents were abusing drugs. Other situations might involve child abandonment.

Olson said he didn’t know if a determination had been made as to why the boy was out by himself on Sunday.




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