Attacks in Congo Far from Covenant Congregations

KINSHASA, DR CONGO (December 30, 2013) — Congo Covenant Churches were unaffected by the attacks that occurred this morning in multiple areas of Kinshasa, which is located far from the region where the denomination ministers.

“At the moment the only Covenant missionaries in Congo are Tim and Helen Smith who are in Gemena, located in the northwest corner of Congo,” said John Kerl, the Covenant’s regional coordinator. “They are far away from the capital city and are in no danger.”

According to multiple news reports, several groups of attackers had targeted the Kinshasa airport, the state-run television station, and a military base. The attackers numbered around 100, 46 of whom had been killed, the government said.




  • An “open letter” to the country, written by a person calling himself “the Prophet of the Lord” seemed to indicate that he was behind these attacks. May God deliver us from such “prophets”! (Missionaries located in the areas much closer to Kinshasa forwarded this letter.)

  • As having spent 38 years of missionary service in Congo, I quickly read any articles mentioning Congo. In reference to the article written by John Kerl about attacks in Kinshasa, there are CEUM (Congo Covenant) churches in Kinshasa, were any of the attacks near CEUM churches or church members?

  • It is worth noting that the CEUM (Congo Covenant Church) has many churches in Kinshasa that may or may not have been or will be affected by the violence. We need to particularly remember them in prayer, but not limit our prayers to Covenanters only.

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