Giving Supports Business Supplying Food to Refugees

CHICAGO, IL (December 19, 2013) — Refugees and other displaced persons who have not been able to return to their homes for years due to ongoing violence and natural disasters lined up with their bags at a Burmese camp to receive food from The Border Consortium (TBC).

Initially started to provide emergency aid to thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Burma in 1984, TBC has grown to be comprised of 10 non-governmental organizations from eight countries. It now provides food, shelter, and non-food items for refugees along the entire border.

Mekong Valley Foods (MVG) in Chiang Khong, Thailand, was started by Covenant missionaries and supplies food distributed by TBC. A CHIC 2009 offering helped fund the development of the mill.

Now in operation for a little more than two years, MVG has milled several hundred thousand tons of blended flour. The flour is similar to Cream of Wheat and is a mixture of soy, rice, vitamin fortification, and sugar. The food staves off malnutrition and its many deleterious effects for the refugees.

In addition, the mill has employed Thai workers who might not otherwise have jobs.

Support for the business comes in part through donations from Covenanters who purchase designated gifts for loved ones through the Covenant Cares catalog.

The funds are used for a wide range of projects that include providing clean water, making available malaria medicine, and supporting education. For previous Covenant News Service stories on these projects, click on links below.

The Mekong Valley Foods project is listed in the Covenant Cares catalog as Food for a Refugee Child.




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