Special Orders Being Taken for Ordinand Stoles

CHICAGO, IL (November 14, 2013) — Vicki Twigg, who sews the stoles presented to ordinands at the Annual Meeting, is taking special orders.

Twigg made 64 stoles last year. Each took six to seven hours.

It is a labor of love. Despite the huge time commitment, Twigg says, “I’ve had a lot of fun making them.”

The stoles given out to individuals ordained to word and sacrament as well as word and service are all white. Green stoles are presented to those commissioned to specialized ministry.

The stoles for those ordained to word and sacrament include images of a dove, cross, bread and cup, and the Bible. The stoles for those ordained to word and service substitute loaves and fishes for the bread and cup.

Stoles are regularly $125, but the Department of Ordered Ministry covers that cost for ordinands. Ordinands are responsible for the additional cost of special orders, which are $75.

Various alterations are possible, and Twigg is willing to discuss them with people who are interested.

Twigg also sews stoles for other ministers who were ordained before Ordered Ministry supplied them, need to replace one, or want a spare. The cost is $125. Alterations are possible, with the cost based upon the specific request.

Anyone interested in ordering a stole or having alterations made should email Twigg.




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