New Materials Highlight Depth and Scope of Mission and Ministry

CHICAGO, IL (October 31, 2013) — The Covenant Mission & Ministry 2014 booklets and video that highlight how local churches have impacted ministry around the world have been mailed to congregation leaders.

“Since 1885, the Evangelical Covenant Church has been guided by a simple motivation—to follow the heart of God into the world. It’s a commitment that we live in together,” President Gary Walter notes in the video.

That motivation has led the Covenant to continue starting one new church every two to three weeks in the United States and Canada in the past year. There were 15,000 new conversions, and more than 1,000 youth and young adults received leadership training. As well, development and relief projects were sponsored across five continents, and mission work supported in 38 countries.

The denomination also has worked to provide experiences to increase racial understanding through programs such as the Sankofa intentional prayer journeys through civil rights sites and by developing multiethnic congregations.

Recounting her experience of a Sankofa journey, Tracy Hilts of Faith Covenant Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, comments in the brochure, “To visit these places with my white friend and look directly at an evil that would have once demanded our separation, and then to break the chains of racism through our faith in Christ, was a triumph to my heart.”

Michael Carrion, pastor of the Promised Land Covenant Church, a congregation planted in recent years, recalls one life touched by Christ due to the commitment to start new churches. “Hector was engaged in gangs his entire life. Then he walked into our men’s ministry and has never walked out. He has experienced a sense of belonging in Christ he can’t walk away from.”

“I’ve found that as we follow the heart of God, the grace and mercy of God follows us,” Walter says.

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