Klassen Painting Most-Read News Story in August

CHICAGO, IL (September 9, 2013) — The auction of To Such Belongs the Kingdom of God by retired Covenant pastor and artist Randy Klassen was the most-read online Covenant News Service story in August.

Readers also showed a lot of interest in the plea by Egyptian pastor Maurice Sameh to pray for the people of his country amid the violence, and the republished Covenant Companion article by Richard Carlson on the need for Christians to pursue racial righteousness.

To read these and the other most-read stories, click on the links below.

Auction of Klassen Painting to Benefit Ministries

Maurice: Pray for Us

Remembering Richard Carlson’s Courageous Voice for Racial Righteousness

Remaining Rooted, Women Ministries Votes to Restructure

‘Magical Time’ at Camp for Autism Families

Talented Young Pianist Responds to Need in DR Congo

2013 Pastoral Compensation Report Now Available

Pastor Jerome Engseth Dies

Beacons of Reconciliation in a Historic Black Community

Walking 5,000 Miles for Clean Water





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