Remaining Rooted, Women Ministries Votes to Restructure

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 19, 2013) — Participants at the Women Ministries Triennial XIV voted 329-3 to disband as an independent organization and “enter into the full structure, budget, and constitution of the ECC,” during Saturday’s business meeting.

The vote was taken as part of the denomination’s ongoing effort to reorganize its central structure in order to more effectively meet ministry needs.

“Our mission and vision will remain the same,” said executive minister Meagan Gillan. “We will continue to connect women in transformational relationships and grow in Christ and impact the world.”

The ministry has launched many of the denomination’s social justice initiatives including Break the Chains, which focuses on human trafficking; advocating for victims of abuse; and educating girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by developing a school and providing materials in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Triennial XIV, which also included workshops, entertainment, and worship services, was held last Thursday through Sunday in San Diego.

“The Triennial was an absolutely incredible experience,” said Gillan. “There was such a sweet spirit of joy and grace.”

Among the highlights participants said was the worship service in which international guests shared how God was working in their communities, some in impoverished countries or places where the gospel cannot be preached openly.

Gail Song Bantum, a pastor at Quest Church in Seattle who shared her own testimony at the event, echoed other women when she posted on Twitter, “Inspired by the testimonies of these powerful women of God from around the world!”

Telling stories was an integral part of the celebration, including a “word of witness” video that chronicled the journey of Gabby Archibald as she made a pilgrimage to the spot in Los Angeles where she gave her life to Christ 25 years ago on August 15.

“I was supposed to meet my friend here, but she never showed up. But guess what? God showed up!” said Archibald, who now works at Covenant Offices.

The video and others from the event, including the worship services, can be viewed on




  • Great move to consolidate. This makes all kind of sense organizationally and financially as long as it does not take away the independence that the organization has had for so long.

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