Gilbreath Elected to Lead Covenant Communications

DETROIT, MI (June 28, 2013) – Delegates to the 128th Annual Meeting elected Edward Gilbreath to serve as executive minister of the Department of Communication during Friday afternoon’s business session.

“I am grateful and humbled,” Gilbreath said following declaration of his election. “I look forward to serving you and the Covenant community. Communications is the lifeblood of any organization. I believe God has prepared me – both professionally and personally – for this time. And I look forward to bringing my gifts to the Covenant and the building of God’s kingdom.”

Gilbreath’s two decades of experience include service at Christianity Today magazine and Urban Ministries, a leading Christian education material provider geared toward an African American audience.

In addition to being the award-winning author of the book Reconciliation Blues, Gilbreath has managed the launch of a number of publications, e-platforms, and video resources.

Gilbreath and his wife, Dana, have been married 18 years and have two children, a daughter, DeMara, 13, and a son, Daniel, 11.

Gilbreath succeeds Don Meyer who retired after serving in the role for 17 years.




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