New Social Media Tools Enhance CTC’s Effectiveness

CHICAGO, IL (February 28, 2013) – Covenant Trust Company’s (CTC) new blog and expansion of social media will enable the ministry to better serve Evangelical Covenant Church members and the denomination’s broader work, from local camps to providing farm resources in Democratic Republic of Congo.

“We want to use social media to connect with and support Covenant ministries and churches, promote financial literacy, and encourage healthy financial habits,” says Ruser Saldana, human resources coordinator. “By expanding our reach, not only can CTC help more individuals with their finances, we can also support more Covenant churches and ministries.”

Among the new changes, Covenant Trust Company has adopted a new logo, published a new Facebook page, launched its own Twitter feed (@CovTrust), and promoted further information through a personal finance blog.

A recent blog post highlights and expounds on three common retirement planning mistakes: Starting too late to save, underestimating the cost of retirement, and investing too conservatively and not diversifying.

Other posts include: Different ways to achieve one’s charitable dreams, questions for new investors, and five aspects of a personal financial plan.

Covenant Trust offers a variety of financial services for Covenanters, including accounts to benefit denominational ministries. Some $9.5 million in bequests was distributed to Covenant ministries during 2011.

Covenant Trust Company is a non-depository trust company chartered in Illinois in 1988.




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