Achievement Stories Top August’s Most-Read List

CHICAGO, IL (September 4, 2012) – Articles about achievements by Covenanters dominated the 10 most-read Covenant News Service stories list during August.

Among the notable achievements were Janay DeLoach’s capturing Olympic Bronze, a congregation growing its membership after completing the Vitality Pathway journey, and two missionaries who translated the entire 75th anniversary of Covenant work in Congo.

To read the most-read stories, click on the links.

Kara Stromberg Joins Northwest Conference Staff

Covenanter DeLoach Begins Quest For Olympic Gold

Vitality Pathway Leads to Growth

DeLoach Wins Bronze in Long Jump

Pastoral Compensation Report Now Available

Cornerstone Fest Ends in Flames – and Prayer

75th Anniversary Mission Celebration Under Way in Congo

Middle East: Overcoming Hate with Love of Christ

Memorial Service Planned for Harry Ekstam

Another Kind of Endurance Needed for This Marathon




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