CHIC Stories Top July’s Most-Read List

CHICAGO, IL (August 6, 2012) – Eight of the 10 most-read Covenant News Service stories in July were related to CHIC 2012, the triennial youth event that attracted some 5,000 students to Knoxville, Tennessee. Click on the link to the stories.

“Slumdog” Professor Meets Girl He Saved

Mystery of Five Revealed at CHIC

CHIC Students Challenged to Answer Christ’s Question

Holmgren Inducted into Packers Hall of Fame

CHIC Challenge: Time to Take up Mat and Walk

Olympic Venues Use NPU Grad’s Software Company

Early Planning, Late Arrivals Part of Stage Manager’s Job

Church Parking Lot Provides Unique Housing for Homeless

CHIC Offering Highest in History of Event

Social Justice Issues Have Opened CHIC Students Eyes and Hearts




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