Be a COV Champ!

The Covenant Companion connects more than 850 congregations of diverse backgrounds, united in a common call to love God and serve others.

The Companion is the Covenant’s magazine! It informs, inspires, and connects the ECC. Each issue features testimonies, interviews, and profiles of God at work in the church, in the world, and in our lives.

It’s a dynamic resource that everyone in the Covenant community should know about. And that’s where you come in!

No one knows the Companion as well as our loyal readers. We need you to spread the word about the magazine you love! As a COV Champ, you partner with us to get the magazine out to a larger readership.

Here are some ways you can help…

Rally Your Congregation to Read and Support the Companion

  • Encourage your pastors and teachers to mention the Companion from the pulpit or during classes
  • Set up and oversee a Companion table to promote the magazine before and after services (see below for info about the COV Promotion Pack)
  • If your church doesn’t already offer copies of the Companion, ask your leaders to sign up for the COV Bulk (see more info below)
  • Download the COVSparks discussion guide to spark lively conversations in small groups, Sunday-school classes, Bible studies, and discipleship groups —

Give the Companion as a Tangible Way to Encourage Others. Share it with:

  • Church members during home visits
  • Seniors at nursing homes and assisted living centers
  • Hospital patients
  • College and seminary students

Order a COV Promotion Pack for Your Church

For a low shipping cost of $4.99, you’ll get:

  • Five to ten copies of the latest issue
  • A stack of Companion subscriptions cards
  • The bimonthly COV Champs e-newsletter
  • Your very own COV Champs T-shirt

Order the Companion for Your Entire Church

  • Order in bulk (10 or more copies) at 50% off the single-copy price–only $2.50 each, plus shipping
  • Ask your church to join the Every Family Plan and send a subscription of the Companion to the home of every family in your church for only $18 per household
  • Lower the cost more by setting up a donation box for the Companions that you give away
  • Ask one or more of your members to fund bulk copies of the Companion as a ministry to your congregation.

To order bulk copies or participate in the Every Family Plan, call 773-596-2479; click here; or request more information at

Increase, decrease or cancel your order at any time. You are never locked in to a long term contract. If you don’t agree that the Covenant Companion is valuable to your members, just write “cancel” on the invoice.