Five for Friday: Beautiful Passports, Best Chicken Nuggets, Bacon

CHICAGO, IL (January 20, 2016) — Covenanters routinely share links to social media articles and videos that Covenant News Service believes may be of interest to others. Each Friday we post five of them. Following is a sample of those submissions—their inclusion does not represent an endorsement by the Covenant of any views expressed.

New Disney Video Confirms Pixar Theory

Have you ever felt like you were living in an alternate universe? Did Pixar ever make a bad movie?

From the article: “Pop culture junkies are probably already familiar with The Pixar Theory, film blogger Jon Negroni’s elaborate hypothesis that Pixar’s many movies—from 1995’s Toy Story to 2016’s Finding Dory—all exist within the same universe. Until recently, Pixar has kept mum on whether or not Negroni’s guess is correct. But as The A.V. Club reports, Disney recently published a video on the official Toy Story Facebook page that appears to confirm the whole thing.

15 of the World’s Most Beautiful Passports

The American passport is undergoing a redesign, but these nation’s passports already are quite something to look at. Can you guess which countries have passports that show secret photos when passed under a blacklight? One country’s serves as a flipbook and another’s is described as “bold, minimal, and modern.”

Site Shows YouTube Videos That Have No Views

As if you need another time-waster.

From the site: “These videos come from YouTube. They were uploaded in the last week and have titles like DSC 1234 and IMG 4321. They have almost zero previous views. They are unnamed, unedited, and unseen by anyone but YOU.”



A Toaster Just for Bacon

When my birthday comes around this spring, I’ll be laying this article out for my wife just as I used to do with the JC Penney Christmas catalog for my parents when I was a kid.

From the article: “If you find your kitchen counters cluttered with food-specific gadgets and appliances, you finally have a good reason to get rid of them all. The culinary innovators at Nostalgia Electrics have created the only thing you’ll ever need: The Bacon Express, a toaster that cooks delicious slices of pork instead of bread.”

Prominent Food Reviewer Ranks Fast-Food Chicken Nuggets

Bloomberg’s New York restaurant critic says some of that processed semi-chicken delight actually tastes pretty good.

From the article: “The nugget is a mysterious MRE-style foodstuff that restaurants can serve, with minimal outrage, in the shape of a disc, star, fry, doughnut, and, in the case of a Taco Bell item that’s being test-marketed in areas of the country with a lower density of full-time food writers, a nacho chip. That’s right, a nacho chip made from chicken. I can’t wait to try it.”





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