Big Q: What’s your favorite pet story?

image001CHICAGO, IL (November 11, 2016) — Not long after the ink dried on the mortgage for our first home, my husband and I began the search for a pet to join our growing family. With a one-year-old daughter, we decided a puppy wasn’t the best idea, so we looked into adopting a dog.

The first dog we looked at was a boxer/bulldog mix, strongly resembling a pitbull with an underbite. I thought we’d have to keep looking when the dog licked Kelly, who was very cautious around animals, right across the face.

Instead she laughed and a dog named “Sweetness” became ours.

This intimidatingly ugly dog considered Kelly hers to protect. Babysitters squirmed under the watchful eye of the dog and whenever we played in the yard, Sweet placed herself between Kelly and any neighbors or strangers who happened to be passing by.

Now we’d like to hear your experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly of the animals in your life. Tell us your favorite story about your pet!


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