NCP Reaches Assets Milestone, Launches New Website

CHICAGO, IL (July 1, 2016) — National Covenant Properties reached $400 million in total assets on Thursday, the first time it has hit that mark, president Steve Dawson said.

ncp-logo-lockup-no-tagThe total reflects growth throughout the first half of 2016, Dawson said. “We continue to find that NCP is providing investment options that attract Covenant investors. While fixed rate investing—such as NCP offers—may not be where 100 percent of your investments should go, everyone should have some in their portfolio.”

National Covenant Properties uses the funds to support loans to local Covenant churches for various construction purposes, as well as other appropriate ministry projects.

NCP also recently launched a new informational website at and now offers investors the ability to get account information online.

“All of these are part of NCP fulfilling its new tagline of You Invest—We Lend—Ministry Grows,” Dawson said.




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