Alice Cooper Extends Invitation to Gather ’16

CHICAGO, IL (April 21, 2016) — One of the more intriguing members of the Covenant family extends an invitation to Gather ’16 on June 23-25, 2016 in Phoenix, AZ.

Legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper encourages early arrivers to stop in at his Solid Rock Teen Center. Solid Rock, which shares space at Genesis Covenant Church, strives to provide teens with a renewed sense of self-worth and purpose. To read an earlier news story on Cooper and Solid Rock, click here.

For more information on Gather ’16, click here




  • That is great. Glad to hear about it (from a distance). I have sensitive ears and experience rock music as traumatically stressful, but can appreciate the valuable ministry to teens via the arts center.

  • I knew that Alice Cooper had become a Christian. I don’t think I knew he was a Covenanter. I would love to go to the annual meeting, but I would rather go to Triennial. I can’t do both, so I’m choosing Triennial.

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