Five for Friday: Roadhouse Easter, Wondrous Sand, David Not Adulterer

CHICAGO, IL (March 25, 2016) — Many Covenanters routinely share links to social media articles and videos with one another that Covenant News Service believes may be of interest to others. Each Friday we post five of them. Following is a sample of those submissions—their inclusion does not represent an endorsement by the Covenant of any views expressed.

Easter in a Texas Roadhouse

The Moth is a wonderful radio show that highlights excellent storytelling. In this episode, pastor Wayne Reece talks about the night before Easter that his car ran out of gas in unfamiliar territory, he “hustled” pool, and shared about the resurrection at a roadhouse. But then something unexpected happened.

driverless car

Seven Ways the Driverless Car Will Change Your Life

If this author is even half right, self-driving vehicles will impact us far more than we imagine. We won’t have to worry about parking hassles, and we’ll take more naps—which we might need because we’ll be working more.

From the article: “Autonomous vehicles could be a boon to the disabled, and enable the elderly to live independently for longer. They’re also great for teens who could gain some freedom a bit earlier, and parents of teens who would know that speed limits are being strictly obeyed (and, probably, exactly where said teens are at any given moment). The flip side: We’ll probably forget what ‘driving’ actually means, and what we loved about it.”

Three Reasons David Should Be Called a Rapist, and Not an Adulterer

Why is it that we hear sermons condemning David for lying and committing murder but no one calls out his behavior with Bathsheba for the truth—that it was not adultery, but rape? The author makes a good case against him. Yet artists and preachers have all too often claimed that Bathsheba bears some of the responsibility. We do the same today to women.


This Is How Sand Looks Magnified Up to 300 Times

What incredible beauty exists in places we would never even think to look.

From the article: “Comparing something to a grain of sand is usually supposed to mean that it’s small or insignificant, but Dr. Gary Greenberg’s microscopic photography aims to turn this stereotype on its head. His photographs of miniscule grains of sands magnified up to 300 times reveal that each grain of sand can be beautiful and unique.”

3 Untrue Christian Cliches You’ve Probably Used (But Shouldn’t)

We’d stop inflicting needless pain and suffering on others if we’d stop using Christian platitudes to try to help them. Then everyone could truly depend on God to help them deal with reality.

From the article: “We accept them because we want them to be true. But when we forage the Scriptures for them, they are nowhere to be found. And when we speak them at the wrong moment or to the wrong person, they can cause a tidal wave of emotional damage.”




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