Big Q: What is your favorite holiday food and why?

As an awkward, buck-toothed middle-schooler, I anxiously awaited the opportunity to help my mom bake cookies, my favorite Christmas dessert, every December. Up until that point, my “help” was almost exclusively constituted by watching Mom do all of the work and gleefully putting the finishing touches on the cookies after they came out of the oven.


I’m no sous chef, and my culinary contributions were disasters waiting to happen. Accidentally putting in salt instead of sugar, unwittingly using the tablespoon instead of the teaspoon…you get the idea.

But despite my almost perpetual failure, Mom encouraged me. Patiently and with great care, she taught me the tricks of the trade. Year after year, we baked a delicious array of goodies, from peanut butter kisses to snowman-shaped sugar cookies to snickerdoodles (my personal favorite).

My level of kitchen expertise has improved slightly since then, but my mom and I still bake Christmas cookies together every year.

Now the Companion wants to hear from you. What’s your favorite holiday food—and why? Any and all responses are welcomed, valued, and encouraged.

Answer in the comment section below, on the CovMagazine Facebook page, or e-mail Cathy Norman Peterson at We’ll publish a selection of your responses in the November/December issue. Please include your name, church, and town where you live.


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  • My favorite holiday food is schnecken, which my sister-in-law makes every Christmas. It’s delicious. But I think it’s my favorite, not only because I love it, but, more importantly, because of the looks on my sons’ faces each year when it was brought out to the table (and the creative bargaining that ensued when they were told just how many they were allowed to try to finagle another one from someone else).

  • You know how the Thanksgiving turkey is brought to the holiday table with flourish, amid much oohing and aahing? Well in our family it was the dessert following Christmas dinners that was anticipated with such excitement. Young and old alike, we knew that when the dining room lights were dimmed, it was time for the presentation of the magnificent flaming plum pudding.
    (Zion Covenant Church, Sheboygan WI)

  • I love that as soon as I saw that photo I knew it was you and Sarah! Love that you’re writing for the companion Hannah!! 🙂

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