Three Executive Minister Searches Announced

CHICAGO, IL (October 27, 2014) — The Covenant Executive Board has formed three nominating committees for the elections of three executive ministers during the Covenant Annual Meeting, June 25-27, 2015. The positions are executive leadership roles for the ministry areas of Serve Globally, Love Mercy and Do Justice, and Make and Deepen Disciples.

Two of the elections coincide with the transitions of Curt Peterson and Debbie Blue. Peterson is completing three terms of service (12 years) between World Mission and the newly reconfigured Serve Globally priority. Blue is completing two terms (8 years) as the founding executive minister of Compassion, Mercy, and Justice, and the recently reconfigured Love Mercy and Do Justice priority.

Following Doreen Olson’s retirement last summer after 16 years of service as the leader of Christian Formation, Evelyn Johnson is serving this year as the interim executive minister for the newly configured Make and Deepen Disciples priority, which brings together Christian Formation, Evangelism, and Women Ministries.

“Curt, Debbie, and Evelyn have been stellar leaders,” said Covenant president Gary Walter. “God has used each of them to help us live into our priorities with vision, humility, courage, and always with a view to the power of the gospel to bring the hope of Christ. I’m not sure the traditional notion of ‘retirement’ is in any of their vocabularies. We pray God’s blessing on the next season ahead for each of them.” Walter added that each leader would be recognized at both the Midwinter Conference and the Annual Meeting.

Executive ministers give leadership to the five mission priorities of the ECC: Start and Strengthen Churches, Make and Deepen Disciples, Love Mercy and Do Justice, Develop Leaders, and Serve Globally. Executive ministers are nominated through a process of the Covenant Executive Board and elected by the Annual Meeting.

Each search will have three phases. The first phase is “gain input,” where ECC constituents and staff will be asked for perspective on shaping the priorities and qualifications for the position. The second phase is receiving names for consideration. Every submitted name will be presented to the respective nominating committee. The third phase is the determination of the nominee and action by the Annual Meeting (which includes a provision for additional nominations from the floor). While searches may be completed earlier, all are expected to be done no later than May 26, 2015.

The searches will be staggered slightly to allow appropriate attention for each. Each search will have its own email address for the submission of ideas and names to the respective search committee. All searches will be announced on the website and through congregational notification. The first mission priority to commence will be Love Mercy and Do Justice.


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