Applicants Sought for New NCP Position

CHICAGO, IL (September 2, 2014) — National Covenant Properties is seeking applicants for its newly created position of executive vice president and chief financial officer.

“We continue to focus on developing new offerings that will expand our growth strategies, and we’re excited for the opportunities this new position gives us to expand our investment products as well as services we provide to member congregations of the Evangelical Covenant Church,” said NCP President Stephen R. Dawson.

National Covenant Properties makes loans to Covenant congregations to assist with property needs. The funds come from investments by people affiliated with the denomination.

Since it was founded in 1970, NCP has grown to $380 million in assets with more than $270 million in loans to 300 projects around the United States and Canada. More than 90 percent of Covenant churches that obtain loans for property needs do so through NCP.




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