40 under 40 Call for Nominees

Almost every week we hear new reports on the numerical rise of young people who identify themselves as “nones”—people who have no faith or who identify as spiritual but not religious (SBNRs). The latter believe in a higher power but have no particular religious affiliation.

While we need to take these reports seriously, we know this is not the full story.

Our church is enriched by the contributions and participation of people of all ages—including our young adults. And too often we do not take the time to celebrate the gifts they bring to our fellowship.

In recognition of this, the Companion plans to highlight 40 Covenanters under the age of 40 in our January-February 2015 issue.

This is not a “Top 40” list. Rather, it will be a sampler of the breadth and depth of the work a variety of Covenanters are doing. We also hope it will inspire you and encourage discussion of what it means to live out our faith.

If there is someone you think should be on this list, please let us know. Click here to fill out a brief nomination form. (They should be under 40 as of January 1, 2015.) We are looking for individuals from a wide array of fields — i.e., education, business, the arts, activism, and ministry. Please submit all nominations by June 25.




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