Faith Covenant’s Centennial Hymn Echoes History

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI (April 21, 2014) — Jerry Jacoby says the hymn he wrote in honor of Faith Covenant Church’s centennial celebration, “It Is Written,” is meant to reflect the congregation’s commitment to the gospel and draws on the denomination’s foundational question, “Where is it written?”

The church centennial planning committee asked Jacoby to write the hymn, which he and his wife, Michaella, performed recently. (YouTube video)

“If somebody asks you to write a hymn for the church that you grew up in, and the church you were married in, and the church that taught you about Jesus, and the church where both your kids were baptized, and the church where you were the choir director for about 100 years, the answer is, ‘Yes.’ ”

“This was a great privilege,” Jacoby said. “What a labor of love this was.”

Jacoby shared that the hymn reflected the love his family experienced through the congregation. He described a time when his father was out of work and someone in the congregation hired him for a construction project at their home even though it really wasn’t needed.

Jacoby added that in addition to seeing the church’s deeds, “I learned a great respect for God’s word in this church.” He recalled learning as a seven-year-old sitting among the congregation that when the church was first formed, there was no building and no pastor. Instead people took turns sharing messages during meetings in homes.

All the adults after the Bible teaching would ask, “Where is it written?” Each of the four verses begins with the words, “It is written.”

For more on the church’s centennial celebration and events that will continue through the year, click here.

Lyrics to “It Is Written:”

It is written by your Spirit every truth to light our way;
We receive it with thanksgiving; it has led us to this day.
We, your family, sons and daughters,
Learn to trust and know your voice.
Gentle Shepherd, always faithful, in your love we now rejoice!

It is written, we your children will be met with times of pain;
Lonely darkness, only silence, thirsty souls in search of rain.
You have called us through these deserts and may yet another day;
But we fear not, you are faithful, and have always been our stay.

It is written, we your people will convey your love and grace;
Joy and laughter, sweet communion, filling hearts within this place.
’Tis your Spirit overflowing, ever constant through the years;
Gently healing, lifting burdens, warming hearts and drying tears.

It is written: just one gospel has the power to cancel sin!
Trusting in our risen Savior, this our refuge, only him.
Keep us always near you, Jesus—rugged cross and empty tomb.
You have called us, you have freed us, and we live our lives in you!

For a PDF version of the lyrics and score, click here.




  • What a blessing Faith Covenant has been to so many for so many years. And thanks to Jerry Jacoby for putting it so well in verse.

  • I think Frykman, Skoog, Ahnfelt, etal., are smiling their approval and appreciation of Jerry Jacoby’s new hymn.

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