GMA Throws Michigan Boy Surprise Party

By Stan Friedman

NEW YORK, NY (March 7, 2014) — Good Morning America threw 10-year-old Colin, who attends New Hope Covenant Church in Richland, Michigan, an international surprise birthday party live on its broadcast this morning.

Colin had no idea that for the past month, 2.1 million people from around the world had “liked” the Happy Birthday Colin Facebook page his mom established in February after Colin told her that no one would come to a birthday party celebrating his eleventh birthday. Colin has a sensory processing disorder similar to autism that makes it difficult for him to socialize.

GMA, which had exclusive rights to the story, flew him and his family to New York yesterday under the ruse that they wanted the gaming enthusiast to help them with a story on video games. Dressed in a plaid shirt and tie, he was brought on stage with the rest of the family, where he was greeted by the morning news team and other staff members.

Robin Roberts thanked him for his help and then told him that wasn’t the only reason they had brought him to New York.  She then explained what his mother had done and showed him the Facebook page on a large monitor.

Roberts noted that Colin had wanted to go viral on his birthday but didn’t know what his mother had planned. Roberts presented him with a shirt that said, “I went ‘viral’ on my birthday!”

Roberts then handed him a whistle and told him to blow it to “get this party started.”

At the Rutgers University Marching Band paraded in, wearing party hats and blowing noisemakers.

George Stephanopoulos then told Colin that the family would be going to Disney World. Colin turned to his younger sister and put his arm around her—something numerous Twitter and Facebook commenters highlighted as an example of his character.

In a previous Covenant News Service story, Jennifer shared that Colin’s faith is an integral part of that character. She told how Colin asked a school administrator not to punish two boys who bullied him explaining, “Jesus forgives them. Everyone deserves forgiveness.”




  • Hi Colin,
    Can’t say about anyone else, but I cried when I read about your wonderful birthday.
    I have a special needs grandson, so people’s kindness really hits home.
    Yes, “Jesus loves you this I know!”

  • Happy Birthday, dear Colin!

    If Jesus were on Facebook He would like your birthday page.
    Yes, Colin, you are loved by Him and He was once your age.
    His friends weren’t always friendly and He often felt alone.
    When bullied, He forgave them. That’s how seeds of love were sown.
    As a child Jesus learned to face the challenges life threw.
    He grew up feeling special. He was quite a lot like you!
    He opened up the door to God to let all people in.
    He proved His love in many ways. He washed away our sin.
    Yes, Jesus understands firsthand how mean some kids can be.
    But just like you He wants the world to know “love is the key.”
    Love is the key to being kind no matter what some do.
    Love is the key that unlocks joy. With love God friended you!
    And on this day you open gifts and have a piece of cake,
    His presence matters most of all. You’re loved for goodness sake!

    by Greg Asimakoupoulos

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