Center of Life Jazz Band Releases New CD “Voices”

PITTSBURGH, PA (September 19, 2013) — Center of Life (COL), the outreach ministry of Keystone Covenant Church, released its latest jazz CD, “Voices,” earlier this month.

It features a new lineup of young adult musicians who grew up playing in the nonprofit’s jazz program, which has produced some of the city’s best new talent. Drummer Julian Powell has toured in Japan. Other members of the group are Mark Jacovic, Sam Harris, Ben Clifton. Adam Keene, and lz Presberry perform an opening spoken word cut.

Powell was one of the earliest participants in COL’s KRUNK movement, which is a student led music and health initiative. KRUNK uses the elements of jazz, hip-hop, dance, recording engineering, visual art, and equipment management to communicate positive messages about mental and physical health to teens and pre-teens. The movement is designed as a production company and also serves to teach students how to start and run a small business.

All but one of the tracks were written by the group members, said Doug Heckman, the technical director for COL. “These four guys really hit the groove.”

The CD is available through iTunes, CD Baby, and other sites. The entire CD, as well as previous releases, can be heard on the COL site.




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