Gilbreath Nominated for Executive Minister of Communications

CHICAGO, IL (May 13, 2013) – Ed Gilbreath will be presented to the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) Annual Meeting as the nominee to serve as the next executive minister of the Department of Communication.

With two decades of experience, his varied background includes service at both Christianity Today (a leading communication enterprise in the evangelical world) and Urban Ministries Incorporated (the leading Christian education material provider geared toward an African-American audience).

In addition to being the award-winning author of the book Reconciliation Blues, Gilbreath has managed the launch of a number of publications, e-platforms, and video resources.

Owen Youngman, professor in the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, chaired the search committee. The process included reviewing more than 50 candidates from around the country. Of Gilbreath he says, “His diverse experience and heart for ministry make him a tremendous candidate.” Other members on the interview team included Covenant Executive Board members Sam Chang, Sue Poston, Annette Stuckey, Rachel Sands, Dave Hanson, and ECC president Gary Walter. The full Executive Board has ratified the nomination.

“I am extremely grateful for the chance to serve,” Gilbreath said. “I believe my combination of work experience, ministry relationships, and personal calling have uniquely prepared me for this incredible opportunity. Excellent communication is key to unifying the Church and making known our purpose to the world. I look forward to serving the Covenant community and helping the ECC advance God’s mission.”

Gilbreath and his wife, Dana, have been married 18 years and have two children, a daughter, DeMara, age 13, and a son, Daniel, age 11.

This opening comes with the retirement of Don Meyer, who served in the role for 16 years.

The call to serve is officially extended by action of the Covenant Annual Meeting, which will take place June 27-29 in Detroit, Michigan. A July 1 start date is anticipated.




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