What to Do in Local Church Crisis: Fight or Flee?

CHICAGO, IL (January 3, 2013) – Is conflict in a local church congregation a good thing? Or, is it better to avoid conflict at all cost? And what is a person to do when conflict erupts? Stick it out – and fight it out? Flee?

These and other challenging questions are addressed in a compelling piece in the January issue of The Covenant Companion, written by Dr. Brian T. Madvig, a clinical psychologist in Chicago who is well-known in Evangelical Covenant Church circles.

“I have learned that facing difficult conversations head-on is most often the best way to work through conflict,” Madvig writes. “That doesn’t mean being direct is easy. It’s still tempting to avoid conflict.
 But, when we avoid conflict in the church, often more damage occurs.”

In working through conflict, healthy congregations share four characteristics in common, Madvig has learned over his years of working with a number of congregations to resolve conflict. In the January Companion article, Madvig examines the role of leadership in working through conflict, as well as the ways in which congregations should – and shouldn’t – respond to crisis. He also talks about the importance of effective communication and the call to prayer – and grace.

Click here to view a video interview with Madvig as he delves deeper into the matter of addressing conflict in the local church. To read his article in its entirety, click here to access The Covenant Companion on the Covenant website and order a single copy of the January issue. Or, click here to subscribe for an even better value.




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