Wayne Park, 38

Lead Pastor and Church Planter, Woven Covenant Church
Katy, TX

Wayne serves a church in a “suburban and unapologetically yuppie community of professionals who commute downtown,” he says. But just as the community members can live far from their jobs, it also is easy to separate faith from their work.

“My passion is to bring faith to life for people trying to bridge the disconnect between faith and the 9 to 5,” he says.

Still, he says the most difficult decision he’s had to make was to leave a safe, ethnic-specific context in order to plant a multiethnic church in a place where Sundays are quite segregated. Yet Wayne knows it was the right choice. In ten years he sees himself doing “exactly what I’m doing now: educating, preaching, teaching, empowering, equipping people through the word.”

“The growing edge of the church in general is among immigrant populations,” he says. “In Houston, the mission field is literally coming to us in the tens and hundreds of thousands. Churches can stay insular, in-breeding the faith, or they can receive a fresh new perspective sharing the light with people from so many parts of the world who have now become our suburban neighbors.”

The core values of the Covenant make it possible for the denomination to engage its neighbors. “I am privileged and honored to be part of a movement that is evangelical, but not exclusive; biblical, but not doctrinaire, traditional, but not rigid; and congregational, but not independent,” he says, adding, “I am not just saying this to pass the Covenant Orientation Program, but because these values are my values too. They are what brought me to the Covenant.”


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