Vicki Hsu Tsui, 37

Long Road to Justice Chair, CHIC 2015
Stay-at-Home Mom
River City Community Church, Chicago, IL
@victorioustsui (twitter)

A former pastor, Vicki says she’s experienced some of her biggest joys and challenges as a parent. “Most days, I don’t feel cut out to be a stay-at-home mom, a job that is harder than I imagined on so many levels,” she says. “But I have to say that while other people are having their lunch break at a downtown eatery, chatting at the water cooler, or creating spreadsheets (all things I very much enjoy), I chuckle at the privilege I have to spend all day with something so wonderful. My soul and emotions soar and plummet daily—but I also get to experience awe.”

She is also a freelance proofreader and editor and a spiritual direction certificate student in the Christos Center for Spiritual Direction program.

She discovered the Covenant when she moved to Chicago and immediately found a home at Parkwood Community Church. “I knew I wanted to serve in a denomination that was both theologically orthodox—while willing to focus on the ‘main things’—but also culturally and socially progressive.” She adds that the Covenant “has been a great place to serve, where people engage social justice, but won’t compromise on the gospel. My relationships with Covenanters have blessed me with their richness of souls.”


greybutton-40u40 Books on your nightstand/e-reader: The Critical Journey, Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich; The Happiest Toddler on the Block, Harvey Karp; Candlelight: Illuminating the Art of Spiritual Direction, Susan Phillips; Toddler 411, Denise Fields and Ari Brown; Baby 411, Denise Fields and Ari Brown
Favorite way to waste time: Sharing a long and hearty meal and conversation with friends
Favorite TV shows: Mad Men and Top Chef
Choose a superpower—fly or be invisible: To fly, of course. I already have a semi-invisibility power in that I can magically extract very personal information from people without trying very hard. But flying—that would save me a lot of time and money.