Rebecca Barnaciuc, 33

greybutton-40u40Missionary and Financial Development,
Operation Mobilization in Moldova
Norquay (SK) Covenant Church (home church)

Rebecca Barnaciuc

As a missionary, Rebecca spends much of her time serving in preventative ministries and anti-trafficking work. The poorest country in Europe, Moldova is ranked sixth in the world as a source country for human trafficking.

Rebecca helps provide Moldovan churches with resources to serve in their communities, specifically addressing physical needs through day centers for children and food and care centers for the elderly. “Many people in Moldova feel forgotten by the rest of the world, and have lost hope in God,” she says. “When we bring a food parcel or other help it touches them on a very deep level.”

She recently started a conference for young girls who are considered to be high-risk. “It is a gift to watch as God works in their lives,” she says.

Books on your nightstand/e-reader: Walking with the Poor, Bryant Myers
Favorite way to waste time: Walking through Chisinau’s beautiful parks in the summer
Favorite TV show: MasterChef
Choose a superpower—fly or be invisible: To be invisible—I could discover and expose a lot of dark deals that are being done by the Moldovan government!