Quaime V. Lee, 37

Assistant Director for Professional and Career Development, Suffolk University Law School
Highrock Covenant Church, Brookline, MA

Quaime had a well-paying job with the federal government when he decided to leave his career behind to attend Harvard Divinity School. Now counseling law students and alumni on professional and career-development needs, he sees his work as an opportunity to walk with them in this stage of life. “I love the reciprocal nature of what I do,” he says. “It gives me the opportunity to learn so much from my students as I hear about their experiences, their life challenges, and their dreams. But I also try to see myself as one who can help them find their professional identities and be at peace with who they are. And I try to infuse my work with a Christ-centered ethos.”

He says the biggest need in the church is a real sense that our lives are not meant to be compartmentalized. “It should not be that we do the church thing on Sundays and then go about our business. We don’t just listen to a sermon and go home. Our example should preach Christ in both grace and truth through how we deal with or family, friends, work, downtime, fun times, money, neighborhoods, voting, etc.”


greybutton-40u40Books on your nightstand/e-reader: The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy, David Nasaw; First to Kill, Andrew Peterson; The Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri
Favorite way to waste time: Playing Madden NFL on my Xbox
Favorite TV show: The Blacklist; Once Upon a Time
Choose a superpower—fly or be invisible: To fly. I want the freedom to climb above the clouds and go anywhere in a flash—although ironically I am afraid of heights.