Lars Stromberg, 34

Pastor to Youth and Families,
Hinsdale (IL) Covenant Church

Lars says he is most passionate about developing leaders in his position as pastor to youth and families. “I can’t think of any better place to grow in faith as a leader than the local church,” he says, something he is focused on doing himself. “I would like to be the best pastor I can possibly be in whatever community God would have me minister. I can’t imagine ever tiring of pastoral work in the church. I haven’t had a boring day yet!”

His position at Hinsdale has changed as he transitioned from full-time youth ministry to pastor of youth and families. “This was a very difficult decision because I love youth ministry and believe that youth are the heartbeat of the church,” Lars says. “It’s certainly a grieving process for me, but I am so excited to trust our teenagers to a new generation of leaders.”

Lars was born and raised in the Covenant and serves on various conference and denominational boards. “I feel very much at home theologically and ecclesially,” he says. “I appreciate ministering in a denomination where I am constantly pushed by others who I consider brothers and sisters in Christ and have views quite different than my own. A broad theology opens up opportunities for the Holy Spirit that we might have dreamed to be impossible. This is an exciting movement to be a part of.”

Stromberg, Lars

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