Gail Song Bantum, 39

Executive Pastor, Quest Church, Seattle, WA

Gail considers it a gift to walk alongside so many people through their various seasons of life. One need she sees in the church is for more mentors—especially experienced women leaders and leaders of color. Not only is that gap noticeable within church walls, but she finds it disheartening to see conference brochure after brochure, bookshelf after bookshelf lined with few titles by women or, more pointedly, by women of color. Her passion and calling is to address that gap by coaching and mentoring emerging leaders (especially leaders of color).

She currently serves as president of the Covenant Asian Pastors Association and on the Pacific Northwest Conference committee on ministerial standing.


greybutton-40u40Favorite way to waste time: Doing calisthenics exercises because it always affirms the effort and requires very little sweat equity. #selfcare
Favorite TV show: Right now, it’s a toss up between Scandal and Blacklist. I know…I’m hooked!
Choose a superpower—fly or be invisible: To fly, without question. It captures an element of the invisible within it (the phenomenon of flying bugs—can’t ever find them but you know they’re there!). I also love seeing the big picture, the bird’s eye view in general. The most alluring thing about flying is that it seems to capture a sense of freedom that roaming on land or water would limit. The only catch for me is that I’m seriously afraid of heights! But, it’s a superpower, so that would cancel out my fear—right?