Fabio Muniz, 39

Covenant Missionary, Tampa, FL


A gifted preacher who speaks several languages, Fabio has worked as a salesperson, branch manager at a temp agency, and in IT. He and his wife are Covenant missionaries in the support-raising process. They plan to work with Brazilians and Latinos in Japan, beginning in February.

His goal is to work with different cultures, partnering with nonprofit organizations and bringing his business experience to the table in order to help people with community development. “I’m particularly drawn to the work of Covenant World Relief, the Mosaics project, and the way the Covenant focuses on people instead of the institution and on the function of the body of Christ instead of the hierarchy of leadership.”

The biggest need in the church and in business is for honesty, transparency, and a coherent message, he says. “We need to find in our communities and churches a safe place to share our shadows, our ghosts, our traumas, our conflicts, our ambiguities, our paradoxes.”

Books on your nightstand/e-reader: (in English) Survival Japanese, Boye Lafayette De Mente; Life of John Calvin, Theodore Beza; (in Portuguese) Stories with Intent, Klyne Snodgrass; The Illustrated Biblical Encyclopedia, Mike Beaumont; Experiencing God, Leonardo Boff; The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith; More Than a Carpenter; Josh McDowell; Born Slaves, Martin Luther; (in Spanish) The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx
Favorite way to waste time: Drinking coffee in a local coffee shop, studying languages, and watching documentaries and an Italian soap opera
Favorite TV show: Caio Fabio’s Papo de Graça (Grace Chat)
Choose a superpower—fly or be invisible: I’d rather be the Incredible Hulk, but if it’s between fly or be invisible, I’d choose to fly. I grew up watching Superman, and my mom bought me a cape but she was worried that I literally believed I could fly and might try to jump off a tall place. I would be able to see everything from way up high, everyone would look like ants, and no one would be able to destroy me.