Resolution Emphasizes Ministry with People Who Have Disabilities

PHOENIX, AZ (June 25, 2016) — Delegates to the 131st Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church adopted the 2016 Resolution on Concern for People with Disabilities today.

The resolution is an update of one approved in 1987. In his presentation, Jesse Slimak, who serves on the Disability Ministries Committee, noted that it is important that we see people with disabilities not as objects of ministry, but as agents of ministry.

Accompanying Slimak in reading the resolution to the delegates was fellow committee member Kathy5R2B7452 Dubois of Cadillac, Michigan, who read from a text in Braille, and an interpreter who translated their words into sign language.

The resolution exhorts Covenanters to “not merely minister to those with disabilities; rather to realize a shared ministry with those with disabilities.”

Resources for churches may be found at the Disabilities Committee website.






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