WebWatch: DIY Sites

Whether you want to make your own 3D printer or picture frame, you’ll probably be able to find ideas and instructions here. Then you can add them to your Pinterest  page.

Do It Yourself Network

In addition to getting instruction on numerous projects, you can watch past episodes from TV shows.


Make has an active community that adds tips. The site even givers users an opportunity to compete in friendly competition in changing specific areas. Also, the next time you want to make a snowball launcher, go here.


Another sites with an unbelievable breadth of projects. With users giving feedback and suggesting changes they’ve made, think of it as an Allrecipes for DIY.

Acme How To

Search other sites to get ideas as well as instructions for projects. Go here if you have a home project already in mind but just want to know how to do it.

Do It Yourself

It’s just a solid site with a lot of project ideas and helpful articles.


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