Where to Buy Special Christmas Gifts

CHICAGO, IL (October 30, 2015) — Not quite sure what to get that special someone in your life for Christmas? What about a latrine?

For just $30 you can buy a latrine with a hand-washing station for no extra cost. If a latrine doesn’t sit well with you, why not a live chicken that will offer up great-tasting eggs for years. Those only cost $5, less than a single-serving rotisserie bird at the grocery store.

Where to buy such unusual gifts? Great deals on latrines and chickens as well as many other gifts can be found through the Covenant Cares Gift Registry.

covcares-card_goat_720Print copies will be mailed to Covenant churches in the coming weeks. Additional catalogs can be ordered through CovBooks.com for free. The catalog and other resources also can be downloaded for free.

So if you were thinking about buying a gift card to the local coffee shop to cover the cost of a couple of cappuccinos, consider how much more someone might prefer gallons of clean water.

There’s no need to mess with crowds at the mall. You can download the gift cards at home. There’s even one with a picture of a cute little goat.




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