The Most-Read Covenant Stories of 2014

By Stan Friedman

CHICAGO, IL (December 30, 2014) — Two of the ten most-read Covenant News Service stories for 2014 were “feel good” features, but the next six in the rankings were related to more controversial themes.

The subjects of the top two stories already had massive social media presences. A Facebook page for Colin, a boy with an autism-like disorder, who attends New Hope Covenant Church in Richland, Michigan, attracted 2 million “likes” when his mother published it as a way to share that no one would come to his birthday party because his behavior at so alienated others. His mother, Jennifer, has continued to post about Colin’s life, with some getting as many as 10,000 likes.

Several young farmers who attend Lindsborg Covenant Church in Lindsborg, Kansas, became overnight Internet sensations with a song parody. They have used that popularity to become advocates for farming and have spoken at conferences around the world.

 In another widely read post, Karen Brewer, pastor of Atonement Covenant Church, recounted her story of domestic violence and explains why she stayed with her husband for more than a decade even though he tried to kill her several times.

Two other stories focused on Covenanters caught up in violence around the world while pursuing peace. Dr. Jerry Umanos was killed in Afghanistan while working at a hospital, and Covenant minister Andrew Larsen was filming a video in Jerusalem about peacemakers in the region when he found himself in the middle of a violent protest.

Four other stories were related to issues of race. One of them unintentionally echoed a feature story from a 1996 issue of The Covenant Companion, which we discovered after the more recent article was published. The messages were pretty much the same, with only the names changed.

Top Ten Most-Read Newswire Stories

Colin’s Facebook Page Gets 2 Million ‘Likes’

Funny How Things Happen: Viral Parody Videos Make Farming Brothers International Sensation

Covenant Pastor Recounts Years of Terror

Covenanter Among Three Slain in Afghanistan

Our Hope: A Message from Gary Walter on Ferguson Decision

Covenant Voices on Ferguson, Race, and the Church

What Black Covenanters Want to Say to White Covenanters: A Companion Reprint

Covenant Minister Caught Up in Mideast Melee

This Can Happen When You Don’t Follow Directions

Timothy Johnson: Medicare Answer to Health Crisis




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