President of Mexican Covenant Church: Election Affirms Women’s Gifts

CHICAGO, IL (November 7, 2014) — Marisol Martinez says her recent election to be president of the Covenant Church of the Central and South Districts of Mexico (IEMP) is evidence that the denomination is willing to empower women.

“So I think it speaks that in the Mexican Covenant Church…we have been in a process where as men and women God uses both of us and it’s not a competition or that men are better than women or men have more value than women. In Christ, as a body, both women and men have gifts that he has given to the church so that we can grow in Christ, as a community, and as a family,” she says.

Martinez made the comments in a video interview with Pia Restrepo, regional coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean. The full interview can be seen on

The Mexican Covenant Church is comprised of 46 congregations, and Martinez says she hopes they will be able to speak more into the social ills such as human trafficking and corruption that plague her country.

A native of Mexico City, Martinez is a 2004 graduate of North Park Theological Seminary. She also served as short-term missionary in Spain.

Martinez is a member of the Tlalpan Covenant Church in Mexico City, where she has been active in numerous ways, including leading the Congregational Vitality process.




  • I rejoice in the calling and election of Marisol to serve Christ as a president who humbly listens to God and aims to serve and strengthen churches in Mexico with the grace and empowerment God supplies. She is a servant who loves Jesus and his kingdom activity and advance. May our prayers be with her and our brothers and sisters boldly standing for Christ in Mexico.

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