Chaplain Serves Hospital Where He Was Born

ATTLEBORO, MA (October 16, 2014) — Covenant minister Glenn Rounseville has an unusual connection to Sturdy Memorial Hospital, where he has served as a chaplain since March 2010. His great-grandfather, Wilfred Rounseville, was one of the founding physicians, and Rounseville was born there 48 years ago.

Glenn Rounseville (Photo by Laura Calverley / For The Sun Chronicle)

Glenn Rounseville (Photo by Laura Calverley)

“I’ve been around the block, but I ended up back here again,” Rounseville told The Sun Chronicle in an interview. “It’s a very good place to be.”

Rounseville has served the past five years at Covenant Congregational Church in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He preaches there every other Sunday.

Rounseville said that he didn’t realize how much he would enjoy hospital chaplaincy until he started at Sturdy. “I’ve been blessed so much just by interacting with the people. And hopefully, they’ve been blessed, too,” Rounseville said.

The chaplain told the newspaper that God has prepared him to minister to the many patients who are scared because they’ve never been in a hospital and facing a serious illness. “It sounds odd, but I feel that I’m in the right place when I’m there.”




  • I was amazed that this article made it to Newswire! Serving at the hospital continues to be a blessing to me. I can look back now and see that I have visited thousands of people. And as a result built relationships with people to the point where I have said blessings for babies when they entered the world and ministered those who were being welcomed into God’s hands at the “end” of life (that are members of the same family!).

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