Colin’s Facebook Page Gets 2 Million "Likes"

RICHLAND, MI (February 21, 2014) — The “Happy Birthday Colin” Facebook page surpassed two million “likes” Wednesday.

Colin, who has a disorder similar to Asperger’s syndrome, attends New Hope Covenant Church with his family in this small town of 1,000 people.

Jennifer, the mother of 10-year-old Colin, set up the Facebook page as a way to encourage her son after she asked him if he wanted to have a party next month to celebrate his birthday. He had told her no because he believed nobody would show up.

Colin’s disorder has made social interaction extremely difficult so he has few friends, Jennifer has said.

Jennifer had hoped several hundred people might “like” the page, but it went viral and attracted attention from around the world.

The Facebook site has been kept secret from Colin, and Jennifer plans to show it to him on his birthday March 9.

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  • We are wishing you, Colin a very, very Happy 11th Birthday.
    You are an amazing young man who I know makes your Mom and Dad so proud.
    You have MILLIONS of us from around the world as your friends.
    Keep being the way you are, sweetheart. You are loved by so many of us!!!!
    Sending you and your family LOTS of love and hugs! xoxoxo

  • Hip Hip Hooray It’s a balloon streamer day Birthday Cake and candles and all that you like to play. Presents to open. Friends from far and near calling out to say. Have a very Happy Birthday Colin.Not many can be #1 two times over. That’s quite the accomplishment. From your friends in Ontario Canada.God Bless you and your wonderful family.

  • Happy “11th” Birthday Colin…we hope you have an amazing day!!! You certainly are one loved young man. We pray you continue to feel this for the rest of your life.
    Enjoy your day!!!

  • Hi Colin…I have already wished you a happy birthday. The thing is ..the page your mum has set up for your biirthday has been a blessing to us all. I will long remember you..and the difference you have made in my life. We all want to be loved and accepted. Well let me tell you…you are definitely the only boy I know who has over 2 million friends. The messages come from the heart. They are real. I’m a 67 year old lady in Australia…and I care about you and have a great respect for you and your family. Thank you for the wonderful boy that you are.

  • Absolutely agree! Good has used you in such a powerful way and you have blessed so many people in so many ways. The best part is that we all came together to show we love you and every other special person in this world. We all are special in our own way, but Colin, God made you extra special, because He used you to impact millions of people. Happy birthday from Muskegon, Michigan

  • First of all, and happy birthday! The most important thing you need to take from this whole thing is that you’re heavenly father gave you a beautiful gift when he heard your mom’s prayers. He wants to show you how much he loves you by letting the world know who you are, what a beautiful thing he has done for you! You’re never alone for long when Jesus Christ is in your life! Have a great day!

    • Amen, Amen, and Amen.
      You are beautifully and wonderfully made! A child of the Most High God who has a plan for your life, you! A path laid out for your journey. May you always feel His presence around you and know you have angels watching you too! (and just to be clear, those angels are huge Warrior Angels, not those pretty girly angles, lol)! Have a wonderful Blessed life and a Super Duper Birthday! Love you In Christ Love, me <

  • happy happy birthday from Beaumont, Texas, sweet child. I hope that you have a wonderful day and remember you are perfect just the way you are 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Collins!!!! Feliz Cumpleaños!!!! That’s Spanish. Wish you the best always.
    Always remember that God is next to you and will never leave you alone.
    Note to Collin’s Mom: God only sends special kids to special moms.
    All my Love from Puerto Rico!!!

  • Dear Colin, I think this Birthday we should all learn to celebrate all of our differences. You are wonderfully unique and I wish for you that you will grow to be proud of this and people will accept you and love you for this. Happy Birthday Colin. Also you are so very lucky to have a Mum like yours. X

  • I believe when this is shown to Colin, it should also be shown to the principal and Colin’s teacher. NO child should EVER feel this way about his Birthday or anything else for that matter.

  • Colin, My favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s about this man who never really feels he is the best. He has a good heart and helps a lot of people. He has touched many people but never knows how he has really effected them. He feels he is worthless and his life is not important. Then an Anglel named Clarence shows up and let’s him see how awful the world would be without him, How so very important he is to each and every person he touches. In the end Clarence leaves him a message – No man is a failure who has friends. Well Colin your angel is your mom and from what I am seeing you have over 2,000,000 friends just itching to surprise you and celebrate your 11th birthday AMAZING. We all want you to know how special and important you are. Your life has touched us and brought us together. You have many adventures still to be written. There will be good and bad times but Always remember that on your 11th birthday the world came together for your celebration. You will never be alone my friend for you have touched our lives in a very special way. Happy happy Birthday, Your friend, Nancy Furlong

    • I love your comment. Indeed, his mom is his angel and he will never forget that on his 11th birthday, amazing things happened. Thank you for your beautiful words!

    • What a great post Nancy!!!
      Happy Birthday Colin…

      Whitney, from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

    • Nancy….how very eloquent you are. You said what, I feel, we all want to say to Colin but sometimes it does not come out as well as you have said it. Won’t Colin be excited?!?!?! I wigs I could be a fly on the wall when he sees what his wonderful Mother did for him. This will change his life! How great it is to see, as you said, the world.

    • Dear Nancy,
      What a marvelous message you wrote to Colin. Beautiful and powerful words expressed in such a simple way. Thanks!
      Cris from Miami

  • Wishing Colin a very blessed birthday & many more to come. He is very blessed already with loving parents & church family. I hope that Colin will now know he has MANY friends around the world that love & support him. May this be a lesson from god to each child that has ever said a mean word to Colin or any other child. Thou shall not judge. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. My saying is “to smile at someone is a small gift & it’s FREE!!”
    God Bless Colin & his family & Church Family
    From Riverside, CA
    First Christian Church <3

  • Colin, my prayer for you is that you never forget that you are special in God’s sight. He created you to be the exact person that you are. He makes no mistakes. You are loved by Jesus Christ. Forever know His love. Happy birthday Colin. I love you.

  • Collin I hope you have a great birthday and hope you are happy with all the people that are saying happy birthday that is REALY cool that people are saying happy birthday to you from all over the world you deserve that .. Happy birthday COLLIN!!!! 🙂

  • Boy, won’t Colin be surprised when he sees his Birthday greetings from all over the world! How loving of his Mother to bring so many “friends” into her son’s life & make awareness of his special needs. His 11th BD will be a BD I hope he never forgets. And, the BD cards well we hope his mail carrier doesn’t break his back! There is a God & he loves Colin & his Mother very much. God bless.

  • Everyday I look forward to the latest “Happy Birthday Colin” post, this one was so encouraging.

  • Happy Birthday Colin! I hope this is your best day ever! Your family loves you very much to do something so special for you.
    I hope you enjoy reading all the special messages that everyone has left for you.
    Chuck Megonnell
    Enola, PA

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