Church Burglary Nets Thieves Computers, Phones

FORT DODGE, IA (April 23, 2013) – Thieves broke into two offices of First Covenant Church and stole equipment including computers and phones some time last Thursday night.

Pastor Allan Redenius said the intruders used rocks to smash windows to his office and the secretary’s office to gain entrance. “They really tore the place up,” he said.

Redenius said police told him that several churches have been burglarized in recent weeks.

The burglary necessitated a major change in Sunday’s service. “We had to use hymnals,” he said, laughing. “Can you imagine a worship service where the words aren’t projected onto a screen?”




  • I’m sorry for the painful experience of having your facility broken into Allen; many years ago we had the same experience in West Peabody, MA. But, could it be the Lord is suggesting you go back to the hymnal and cut out the “seven/eleven off the wall” stuff?

  • So sorry to hear about the burglary.
    It reminds me when all the sound and music equipment including a piano, was stolen from the El Dorado Church in Mexico City. Then one of the thieves tried to sell the piano to a church member who lived in a nearby suburb. That led to recovering the piano and apprehending the burglars.
    Amazing, but it can happen!

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