Storm Damages Maryland Covenant Church Building

By Stan Friedman

BOWIE, MD (June 30, 2012) – The childcare wing of Church of the Redeemer sustained heavy damage overnight from a storm that has knocked out power across the East Coast and claimed the lives of at least 10 people.

The storm felled a tree that punctured the building’s roof in at least four places, interim pastor Linda Williams said this afternoon. Rain poured through the holes and flooded that portion of the church.

The rest of the Evangelical Covenant Church building was “unscathed” and Williams said services would be held Sunday morning.

Various government agencies and emergency crews have been helpful, Williams said. The Fire Department inspected the entire facility this morning and determined that the rest of the building was safe.

Williams said she has not heard of any damage to the homes of congregation members. Communication by phone has been difficult due to the power outages and intermittent cell phone service.

Although the storm has passed, area residents and others across the east must contend with temperatures that reached triple digits and are expected to remain in the high-90s, according to the National Weather Service.

Prior to the storm, Williams already had planned to preach a sermon entitled, “When Helplessness Touches Holiness.”

President Gary Walter and East Coast Superintendent Howard Burgoyne contacted Williams and pledged their support.




  • Thank you so much for telling our story. God was so good! We had just finished VBS that day. The storm occured at night, so no one was there to be injured. And the next day we were the only church with power. So we were able to have our Sunday service. Afterwards we had a baptism by immersion.
    Please continue to keep us all in Prayer. Thanks Pam Riley

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