Gillan Nominated to Lead ECC Women Ministries

CHICAGO, IL (April 14, 2011) – Meagan Gillan has been nominated to replace Ruth Hill as executive minister of the Department of Women Ministries when Hill completes her term this summer.

Gillan will stand for election during the 126th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) in Estes Park, Colorado, in June.

“Meagan brings a breadth and depth of experience that will serve Women Ministries well,” says ECC President Gary Walter of her selection. “She also brings a deep love for Christ and a passion for ministry that will help propel our larger mission as a Church forward.”

A graduate of Wheaton College with a degree in sociology, she has served alongside her pastor husband, Scot, at Covenant churches in Kansas, Massachusetts, Arizona and currently in Naperville, Illinois.

Gillan’s diverse work history includes positions as senior account manager for a marketing company, account coordinator, copy editor, administrative church staff member, and operations manager for a conference center.

She also served as executive editor of the Presidential Prayer Team (PPT) website. In that role, Gillan worked with the White House Liaison Office to arrange a meeting of the Presidential Prayer Team Board of Directors and the executive editor with President Bush, one of the President’s last meeting appointments before he left office.

Gillan served on the Triennial VII (1993) and Triennial XI (2004) steering committees for Women Ministries, pioneering the first online event registration for a major denominational event. Her passion for youth inspired the introduction of Triennial tours designed to attract new and younger women to the gatherings, as well as helping develop a skate park for the 1997 CHIC event recruiting staff and implementing a successful weeklong feature serving several hundred CHIC students. She continued this ministry at the 2000 and 2003 events.

She has served on the Pacific Southwest Conference executive board, as president of PSWC Women Ministries, on the ECC Women Ministries executive board, and as a member of the former Board of Christian Education and Discipleship. Gillan currently serves on the board of directors of the Wheaton College Alumni Association.

“Meagan’s deep faith and dependence on God was evident to the search team,” said search committee chair Toni Schwabe of Gillan’s selection. “Her varied experiences in the business world, involvement in several Covenant departments, passion for women of all ages, vision for use of technology to enhance communication, excitement for ministry, and desire to connect women and equip them to serve were all taken into consideration as the search committee nominated her for the position.”

“I’m humbled and thrilled to be called to serve the marvelous, multi-cultural, multi-generational mosaic that is the women of our denomination,” Gillan said in accepting the nomination. “I am counting on women to step up, speak up and speak into the next chapter of our vital ministry together. As we build on the incredible foundation of the past, we will seek God together for the exciting new things he wants to do. I cherish your prayers as I ramp up to this awesome responsibility.”




  • God has honored a very worthy woman and Women Ministries will be dearly blessed! May God bless you abundantly, Meagan, for your willingness to serve and grant you His incredible wisdom and amazing strength.

  • Meagan! Blessings to you! What a thrill to see you leading the women of the Covenant. I will be praying for you as the Lord brings you to mind. What a privilege it was to meet you at the 2007 Women’s Retreat at Mission Springs. I think we will always remember each other from that experience. We were both involved in new responsibilities. Thank you for your friendship and commitment to women of all ages and to Christ. You will be a positive and capable leader and one who will rely on the Lord to empower you, enlighten you, and guide you along the way. May God inspire you, enable you, and bring many along side you as you lead Covenant women into this next stage of ministry.

  • Blessings to you, Megan!! It’s fun to look back over the last few years of your journey and smile at what God has done and is continuing to use you for. I KNOW He will have a willing and passionate servant in you to change and enrich lives among the Covenant. I pray you and Scot are doing well and that I’ll see you again, “roomie”!

  • Last time we talked was on the bus from Triennial to the airport last year. I’m thrilled to hear of your nomination! God is good. 

  • Meagan,

    Congratulations! Along with many others, I am looking forward to continuing the wonderful work of Covenant Women Ministries. I have only met you once but, look forward to seeing you again and ministering with you as we continue our WM journey and contributions for the kingdom.

  • Oh Meagan! I was so EXCITED to hear about your nomination! I can’t think of ANYONE more gifted or passionate to lead Women Ministries! It appears that Scott’s call to Illinois was also God’s good idea for you! I MISS having you here in Arizona, but am THRILLED for your new adventure! Count On My Prayers! Love YOU! Sherixoxox

  • Meagan! What a great surprise for me to find out you’re the new CWM frontrunner nominee! I hope you’re able to contact me when you have time! (310) 251-3326 What a total blessing you will be to women – nationally and internationally! God bless you and your family. Say hello to all! Pastor Charles sends congrats as well!

  • Congratulation!!!!!  I know you will be used by God.   May God bless you real good!!
    Walter Contreras

  • What wonderful news! Last time we prayed together, Meagan, you desired community and involvement. God has answered the desries of your heart. You are the one God has chosen for a time such as this. My prayers will follow you!

  • Thank you, Friends for your kind and affirming words. And thank you, Axelsons, for mentioning the incredible legacy Ruth Hill has built! She has broken new ground at every turn and has brought us into a new era of doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly before the Lord. We all owe so much to her and Brad for their dedication and hard work! I am so grateful to Ruth and those who have served with her!

  • Meagan, I’m thrilled to learn that you will be the new director of Women Ministries. You are uniquely prepared. Blessings as you assume your new role. Ruth, it was great to see that SPU honored your service in their recent homecoming issue. Well-deserved! Thanks for all you’ve brought to the Covenant over the years. You are deeply appreciated and lloved! May the Lord continue to use and increase the effectiveness of our women worldwide!

  • It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday at Holmstad chapel. God bless you as you serve in this new ministry.

  • WOW – I am thrilled and impressed.  Meagan is a fabulous choice and I look forward to what God will do through her and CWM in the years ahead.  Such amazing women we’ve been gifted with in the leadership of this important area of our denomination.  Ruth’s shoes will be tough to fill – but Meagan Gillan will step right up and right in.  Thanks be to God.

  • This is great news for women’s ministries in our Covenant denomination!  Meagan is the perfect choice for serving in this important role.  I look forward to the way she will inspire women of all ages across the Covenant to grab hold of an important ministry–abuse, trafficking, immigration…whatever area they feel passionate about–and respond to the challenges they pose.  Very exciting!

  • What a wonderful choice to lead Women Ministries. Meagan brings a wealth of experience, as well as a healthy spirituality and an excitement about God. She is both a good listener and an articulate speaker. We can expect great things to continue as the baton passes from Ruth Hill.

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