Donations Fund Repairs to Bokonzo Church Roof

BOKONZO, DR CONGO (February 10, 2011) – The Bokonzo congregation of the Congo Covenant Church will be able to quickly replace the portion of their building’s roof that a storm ripped away on January 30.

The repairs will come in time for the church to host the regional annual meeting of the National Protestant Church of Congo. More than 40 delegates will attend the gathering to be held February 13-17.

The front portion of the sanctuary was exposed to the elements when more than 40 sheets of roofing was torn apart, says Pete Ekstrand, Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) missionary to Congo. Sunday’s service was held at the church despite the damaged roof.

With funds the congregation quickly raised as well as support from others in the ECC, the church had collected the $1,600 they needed to purchase supplies. The congregation is the largest in the Congo Covenant Church.




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