Empty Baby Bottles Put to Good Use

EAST GREENWICH, RI (June 18, 2010) – The Baby Bottle Campaign that members of Christ Church are participating in symbolizes the involvement of both men and women in making responsible decisions about sexual behavior and pregnancies.

Congregation members collect money in baby bottles starting on Mother’s Day and return them to the church on Father’s Day, says coordinator Laura Wesely. The funds are donated to CareNet-Rhode Island.

“People are always very supportive and our contributions have increased every year,” says Wesely. Last year, the church raised more than $5,000.

Christ Church has been participating in the campaign for more than 12 years. The congregation’s involvement began because a member was on the agency’s board. Another member is a volunteer.

CareNet provides clinical pregnancy testing and ultrasound medical services, along with thorough consultation and support groups.




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